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Don’t throw away those old batteries let us REBUILD them for you!

Cars can be rebuilt. So can houses, furniture… come to think of it, quite a few things can be spruced-up and made to be as good as new again, maybe even better than new! So why not do the same for batteries, after all, batteries are what keeps most of our essential, everyday electronics powered-up for peak performance.

Your total battery solution!
In come the Battery Rebuilds, a service offered by our TECH CENTRE. It’s your total battery solution! Just bring in your old rechargeable batteries from your cordless phone, cordless drill, electric shaver, or whatever other electronic devices you need to keep charged-up, and leave our Battery Specialist to rebuild it! At this time we are limited to rebuilding just NiCD and NiMH chemistry product.

The reason to rebuild...

Okay, so you’re thinking, "why should I go to the trouble of rebuilding my batteries when I can just go out and buy new ones?"

We’re glad you brought up that point.

Besides contributing to a greener earth, rebuilt batteries, in most cases, usually cost less than purchasing a new battery because we re-use the battery’s original casing and circuitry. Plus in almost all cases, a rebuilt battery will actually outperform your original battery, meaning you’ll actually get longer use of the product without needing to constantly recharge the batteries.

So let’s re-cap.

The benefits of rebuilding your battery at BATTERY HOUSE are:

  1. Doing your part to keep Mother Nature happy
  2. Great value is always a good thing! 
  3. Increased performance over your original battery

Now what was that point again?

Rebuild — reuse… it’s that simple! For further details on Battery Rebuilds at BATTERY HOUSE, stop in or give us a call and our Battery Specialist will be more than happy to answer your questions and get you charged-up to rebuild!


Can't find your battery?

Custom batteries are often needed for two-way radios, emergency lights, remote control toys, cordless tools, handheld scanners and appliances, medical equipment, computers and other applications.

We supply more than 2,000 different types of battery packs featuring NiCad, NiMH, SLA, Lithium, Alkaline, Zinc Air and Silver Oxide cell technology.

Let us know more about the battery you need.