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Ultralife 9V

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Part No U9VL-J-P (see note 3) NSN U9VL-J-P: 6135-01-554-4281U9VLJPFP: 6135-01-369-9792 Voltage Range 5.4 to 9.9V Average Voltage 9.0V Nominal Capacity 1.2Ah @ 900 ohms to 5.4V @ 23ÁC Max. Discharge 150mA continuous Pulse Capability 1050mAVaries according to pulse characteristics,temperature, cell history and the application.Consult Ultralife. Weight 37g Operating Temperature -20ÁC to 60ÁC Storage Temperature -40ÁC to 60ÁC Self-Discharge < 2%...